Download PDF

This tutorial will explain how to upload several video and audio files at once into you Media Library. You can download and view the Bulk Upload PDF or follow the instructions below. Note: You must be using version 3.7.2+ to use the Bulk Upload Feature.

  1. Click on Bulk Upload: Click on the Bulk Upload link in the upper right hand portion of the Media Library, and a new browser window will open. Above the Upload interface, a media workflow tells the system how and where your media file will be processed. Be sure to select the appropriate option for the content you’re uploading.
  2. Select Files: You can add several files through Drag and Drop, or use the Add Files button to select files from your computer.
  3. Start Upload: Click Start Upload when you’re ready to upload your files. The uploading status bar will advance as it uploads each file in the list.

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 4.24.17 PM

Note: Do not close this browser window during the upload or the upload will abort. Each uploaded file will create new entry in your Media Library. Once the files have all been uploaded you will see a message confirming successful upload and asking if you want to close your browser.