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The Ensemble Video Portal enables organizations to generate a branded Video Portal using a single Ensemble Video playlist. View an example portal. To learn more about the Ensemble Video Portal, click here.

To change the Ensemble Video Portal logo in version 3.6 and up, view the How to Create a Portal PDF (v. 3.6 & Up)

To change the Ensemble Video Portal logo in versions 3.4 and 3.5, follow these instructions:

1)     Log in to your Ensemble Video application server

2)     Go to Start -> All Programs -> Symphony Video, Inc. -> Web Application Directory

3)     Navigate to /app/portal/js

4)     Open ensembleConfig.js

5)     Edit the first variable called logoUrl:
// logo image (relative or absolute)
logoUrl: ‘images/logo-light.png’

You can use a relative path and store your image on the server, or use an absolute path to a logo you already have on the internet.