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XML, Captions and PlayerThis article is intended for all users that wish to enable closed captioning or subtitles in the Ensemble Video player. Closed captioning is the display of text on the video player to communicate spoken dialogue. The audience for closed captioning is typically individuals that are hard of hearing. Additionally, captions can be used to display translation to non-native speakers.

Note: All closed caption files that you upload to Ensemble Video must be in the DFXP format.

How to Enable Captions in Ensemble Video
Closed captioning can be enabled in Ensemble Video by simply choosing your preferred captioning option in the manage content area.

  1. Upload a caption file for your media in the manage content area. Note: All closed caption files that you upload to Ensemble Video must be in the DFXP format.
  2. Use our built-in integration with Automatic Sync.
  3. If your media has an embedded caption track, you can specify the track ID so the correct caption can be displayed.

Ensemble Caption Options

What is DFXP?
The Distribution Format Exchange Profile (DFXP) is an XML-based standard developed by W3C for the representation of time-based text, or captions. The Ensemble Video player reads the XML, outputting each line of text on the screen in accordance with the ‘begin’ and ‘end’ time.

Example DFXP File
The following is an example of a DFXP file that has been uploaded into Ensemble Video. You can download the example DFXP file that we used for a captioned video on our website.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<tt xmlns=""
      xmlns:tts="" xml:lang="en">
  <body id="thebody" style="defaultCaption">
    <div xml:lang="en">
      <p begin="0:00:04.60" end="0:00:09.00">The Ensemble Video Platform simplifies video management and distribution for any organization.</p>
      <p begin="0:00:11.00" end="0:00:19.00">Ensemble Video customers use our video platform to manage and deliver their video content to a variety of audiences, on a variety of devices</p>
      <p begin="0:00:19.50" end="0:00:22.00">Ensemble Video allows you to</p>
      <p begin="0:00:22.60" end="0:00:27.75">Manage unlimited media libraries and accounts to support diverse video applications.</p>
      <p begin="0:00:28.50" end="0:00:34.00">You can also create custom compression profiles to satisfy content producers and content consumers. </p>
      <p begin="0:00:34.80" end="0:00:41.00">With Ensemble Video you can deliver unlimited video streaming and progressive download options per media library.</p>
      <p begin="0:00:42.00" end="0:00:49.44">Also, Ensemble Video allows you to easily deliver a single video or multiple video libraries to your audience.</p>
	  <p begin="0:00:50.00" end="0:00:52.92">Our customers use Ensemble Video to</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:00:53.10" end="0:00:55.44">Manage and broadcast events</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:00:55.80" end="0:00:57.90">Internal and external communications</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:00:58.80" end="0:01:00.20">Lecture and training content</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:01:00.40" end="0:01:02.00">User generated content</p>
	  <p begin="0:01:02.20" end="0:01:03.80">and Marketing content.</p>
	  <p begin="0:01:04.20" end="0:01:09.60">Ensemble Video has a flexible set of Video Platform Solutions to meet your needs.</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:01:10.00" end="0:01:15.00">Ensemble Video's turn-key Cloud Video Platform simplifies video management for any organization ...</p>
	  <p begin="0:01:15.20" end="0:01:19.00">and eliminates hardware and software maintenance requirements.</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:01:20.20" end="0:01:25.30">Our self-hosted Video Platform allows you to manage Ensemble Video in your data center and ... </p>	  
	  <p begin="0:01:25.60" end="0:01:30.30">integrate with a wide range of technologies to control and support diverse video applications. </p>
	  <p begin="0:01:25.60" end="0:01:30.30">integrate with a wide range of technologies to control and support diverse video applications. </p>	  
	  <p begin="0:01:30.50" end="0:01:37.05">And finally our Managed Service Video Platform allows you to host the Ensemble Video software in your data center ...</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:01:37.10" end="0:01:41.30">and provide access to multiple clients across your consortium or network.</p>	  
	  <p begin="0:01:43.10" end="0:01:47.80">You can learn more at Ensemble Video .com and ask about a free trial.</p> 

How to Create DFXP Caption Files
If you are familiar with the DFXP standard or feel comfortable with the example above, you can easily use a text editor to create the caption files yourself. However, it is extremely important that you use an editor that saves your file with UTF-8 encoding or some of your characters may not display properly. If you do not want to create these files we recommend the following companies that offer creation services:

How to Convert Existing Caption Files to DFXP