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The Ensemble Anthem application creates screen capture and webcam recordings which are automatically uploaded into a user’s Ensemble Media Library. Ensemble Anthem Pro is an MSI-based installer that can be leveraged by Windows software-deployment managers, and other users who need a deployable installer for Anthem. It is licensed and implemented separately from Ensemble Anthem.

Removing Anthem

Before using Anthem Pro, normal (non-Pro) Anthem software should be removed from the operating system. Anthem can be removed before or after Anthem Pro is installed:

Screenshot of the Windows Uninstall Feature

Uninstalling programs on Windows 7 | Uninstalling programs on Windows 10

Installing Anthem Pro

To install Anthem Pro, launch the .MSI installer that was provided by Ensemble Video. Choose whether to create a desktop shortcut for Anthem Pro, then Install.

Screenshot of the Anthem Pro Installer

If prompted, allow Anthem Pro to make changes to your device:

Screenshot of the installation prompt

Installation is now complete. Select Finish to return to Windows.

Screenshot of the Installation Complete Prompt

Using Anthem Pro

After Anthem Pro is installed, any Ensemble user with permission to use Anthem can use the Record button in the Ensmeble web application or LMS integration to connect Anthem Pro with their library:

Screenshot of The Anthem Record Button

If the Anthem Pro application is launched from the computer before the Record button is used, the user will be prompted to do so:


When using a computer that is not shared among other users, clicking the Record button to connect Anthem Pro from the library is only required once. After the initial connection, Anthem Pro may be launched using the desktop icon.

For information on using Anthem Pro, see the Ensemble Anthem User Guide.