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The Ensemble Anthem application creates screen capture and webcam recordings which are automatically uploaded into the user’s Ensemble Media Library.

Installing and Launching Anthem

To open Ensemble Anthem, click the Record button from the Media Library. If the Record button is not available, contact your Ensemble administrator to license your account for Anthem.

Screenshot of The Anthem Record Button

The first time a user clicks the Record button, they will be presented with a new window to download the Anthem application. Please allow up to 30 seconds for the application to detect and choose the proper installer before the download window appears!

Apple OS X

Mac Screenshot of Installing Anthem


Windows Screenshot for Installing Anthem

Once the Anthem application is installed, the Anthem can be launched directly from Windows / Mac without visiting the Ensemble web application. To change the library than Anthem uploads to, revisit the Ensemble web application and click the Record button from that library.

Note: Anthem Pro should always be launched using the Record button when using a shared computer like a classroom computer.

User Guide

The first time Anthem launches, click Settings from the application to confirm that your Webcam and Microphone are selected properly.

Screenshot of Anthem Settings

From the Settings screen, you can also adjust advanced settings like your webcam’s resolution, or view the storage location for the saved capture files.

Click the Record tab to view all recording options: Screen capture, screen capture with a picture-in-picture webcam, webcam only, or voice only. Click an option to start a recording:

Screenshot of Anthem Record Options

A timer will count down five seconds, then the application will start recording. The application may be minimized during the recording. Click on the Anthem icon in the Windows or Mac taskbar/dock to reveal the mid-recording options:

Screenshot of Anthem Recording Options

Press Done to finish the recording and advance to the Anthem editor:

Screenshot of the Anthem Editor

Click the Titles or Credits button to load pre-made title and credit slides for adding text to the video. The first time one of these features is used, the assets will need to be downloaded. This may take several minutes.

To trim the beginning and/or end of the video, click the Trim button.

Screenshot of Trimming in Anthem

Click and drag the round orange handles to select the beginning and end points to trim the video. The Chop function works in a similar way, except the content between the handles is removed.

Click the Apply button to finish trimming and continue editing. Click Done to save the content.

Screenshot of the Apply and Done buttons

After clicking Done, the Upload Options screen will launch.

Screenshot of Anthem Upload Options

Add a custom Title and Description (if desired), then click Upload to send the content to the designated Ensemble library. Click Preview to return to the Anthem editor, or click Save to save the content to the Anthem library without uploading.

From the Library, you can view and edit all saved recordings. Click Upload Now to upload a recording that has not yet been uploaded to Ensemble.

Screenshot of the Anthem Library

Setting User Permissions for Anthem

Ensemble Anthem must be licensed before it can be assigned to users. The guide below assumes a System Administrator has already enabled an institution to use Anthem licenses. See the Anthem License Configuration guide for more information.

Users cannot launch Anthem unless their account has been assigned an Anthem license. Click on Administration, Organization, and Permissions to get started.

Screenshot of the Permissions Section

Select Ensemble Anthem in the Resource Types selection box.

Screenshot of the Resource Filter Box

Click the Permissions button to continue:

Screenshot of Setting Anthem Permissions

All users that have permission to use Anthem will be listed:

Screenshot of Anthem User Permissions

Click Remove to remove a single user from Anthem users, or click Bulk then Delete Permissions to remove multiple users.

Click Bulk then +Add Permissions to add one or many users to the Anthem list.

Screenshot of Adding Anthem Permissions

When adding users to Anthem, you must first select an Institution using the Institution Filter. (Anthem Licenses are applied from the license pool to Institutions).

Next, select one or several users from the Users selection box. Shift-click or control-click to select multiple users.

Click Save when all desired users have been selected. These users can now launch Anthem using the Record button in the Media Library.

License Configuration

Ensemble Anthem is a licensed feature of the Ensemble Video Platform. To license Ensemble Anthem, contact

System Administrators: to confirm that Anthem has been applied to your Ensemble license, click Administration, System, then License.

Screenshot of Anthem License

Then, click Administration, System, Institutions to manage what Institutions can use Anthem.

Screenshot of Editing an Institution

From here, you can view and set the maximum number of Anthem users for the Institution:

Screenshot of Anthem Max Users