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Ensemble Video 3.10 includes features focused on offering simple, affordable and effective ways to broadcast and record Live broadcasts to a webpage, CMS, LMS, blog or portal.

Live Stream

livestream-310The Live Stream feature enables you to deliver a live stream to a number of live video encoders. Additionally, users can start and stop a server-side recording. These ad hoc recordings will then be placed in your Media Library. No more downloading the file off the camera or uploading the file off your computer. You start the live stream, you stop the live stream recording and the file is automagically put in your Ensemble Video media library. You can auto-publish that to your portal or playlist if necessary.

Live Capture

livecapture310The Live Capture feature enables you to deliver a live stream that will be automatically captured and placed in your Media Library upon completion of the stream. The key here is you can use almost any live encoder to start a stream, and everything you stream will be automagically captured on the server and then it will be placed in your Ensemble Video media library.

Live Streaming Tab Options

Whether you are using the Live Stream or Live Capture option, there are a number of options to utilize in this new section.


Stream Details

In this section users can view details of the live stream, check status, adjust aspect ratio, and customize the On-Air and Off-Air Preview Images.



Grab an embed code, customize player size and various video embed options.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 5.32.07 PM

Live Encoders

Access configuration for Wirecast, Open Broadcaster, and Wowza GoCoder.


Watch the Live Stream Preview Video

Watch the Live Capture Preview Video