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Ensemble 3.12 includes a number of features to support your ever-changing needs. Version 3.12 includes the EnsembleLive Mobile App, Video Player Upgrades, Responsive Publishing and Expanded Individual Video Embed Options.

EnsembleLive App

The EnsembleLive app from Ensemble Video is a live video and audio streaming application for iPad and iPhone. Use the EnsembleLive app to broadcast anything on-the-go from any location to any screen. You can also use Ensemble Video’s Live Capture feature to record live content to your Ensemble Video media library while streaming live video and audio in real-time over wireless networks. Preview the App Now!

iOS 8 and later
How to Use

Video Player Upgraded!

Ensemble Video now supports JWPlayer, the world’s most popular video player. Additionally, this new players offers several new options:

JWPlayer Logo
Choose from 8 excellent skins, the skins can be applied to Institutions and Organizations. Preview the skins here:


Responsive: The new embedded player automatically scales to the width of the web page, so our player now works in responsive websites.


Quality Selector: For Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) streams, users can now choose video quality with the quality selection button in the control bar.  If a user chooses a distinct stream, the automated adaptive bit rate switching is disabled.


Caption Styling:  The captions styling area enables users to optimize the caption viewing experience for their users by customizing the text color, font size, font family, background color and more!


Branding Options Positioning: Customers can now choose where the branding logo appears in the player.


Responsive Publishing

All of Ensemble Video’s publishing options are RESPONSIVE. The responsive publishing feature allows Ensemble Video publishers to embed individual videos, and playlist content will adapt the width of the viewer’s device. Each viewer will have an optimal viewing experience on their PC, smartphone or tablet.


Expanded Individual Video Embed Options

Ensemble Video users can now include annotations, attachments, meta-data and other relevant information when they insert their individual embed codes into web publishing locations.



To Learn More How-to Use these Features, check out these resources: