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In the latest Ensemble Video release we’ve made uploading many files to Ensemble Video easier, plus we’ve added to the available transcoding options for self-hosted customers.

Bulk Upload Tool

Users can log into their Ensemble Video library and click on Bulk Upload to add large numbers of audio or video files to Ensemble Video via our built-in bulk feature. To learn more about the Bulk Upload feature review the Bulk Upload Audio and Video Files article.

Sorenson Squeeze Server Integration

Ensemble Video now integrates with Sorenson Squeeze Server. Squeeze Server was developed with large scale content producers in mind, and is great for a multiple user environment that requires a standardized output. The integration is very similar to our integration with Harmonic ProMedia, but there are are couple significant differences, first Squeeze Server can be installed ion a virtual machine! Additionally, Squeeze Server support FLV transcodes! Here are some key Squeeze Server features:

  • Supported Formats: Squeeze Server  supports all the formats you need (and then some) including: MPEG-4, MOV, FLV, MPEG-2, WMV, AVI, WebM, Flash, MKV, AC3 and many more.
  • Server Specifications: Squeeze Server can be installed on a virtual machine.
  • Divide & Conquer: Now saturate multiple cores at once for more efficiency encoding.
  • Adaptive Bitrate (ABR): Supports all major formats — including MPEG DASH, Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (H.264) and Adobe Flash Dynamic Streaming.
  • Administration Console: A completely redesigned admin console allows for a much smoother workflow.
  • Higher Quality: Squeeze Server presets consistently maintain quality across a variety of formats.
  • Workflow Customization: Install in minutes and be up and encoding immediately with zero-configuration queues.
  • Watch Folders: Encode multiple files simultaneously via watch folders.