What is Ensemble Video?

The Ensemble Video Platform simplifies video management and distribution for any organization. Ensemble Video customers use our Video Platform to manage and deliver their video content to a variety of audiences to a variety of devices. This video includes captions.

Do you have a Blackboard Building Block?

Yes, there’s an open source Blackboard Building Block for Ensemble Video Version 3.2. This new capability enables instructors to easily embed searchable libraries in Blackboard based on their Ensemble Video Playlists, or to search for individual videos and easily embed those videos in Blackboard. Instructors can also search for and insert items from Ensemble-managed institutional content repositories that are available to all Blackboard instructors.

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What kind of reporting is available (Google Analytics Integration)?

Ensemble Video has a Google Analytics Integration and provides Internal Audit Logs.

The Google Analytics configurator lets you set a Google Analytics ID which is used for all video views through the embedded Flash-based Flowplayer. If you set it at the Organization level, ALL videos within the Organization that are viewed with the Flowplayer will be tracked. Use your Google Analytics ID to capture visit and event detail for your videos.

With the Audit Logging feature you can get detailed information on who edits, adds, deletes, and views content through the Ensemble Video user interface — this is provided as an option for HIPPA compliance in health care applications where there is NO external publishing. Some customer’s use log analysis programs such as Sawmill to analyze content.

How customizable are the Ensemble Video publishing options?

Ensemble Video video plug-in pages, publishing API and template layouts are fully customizable. Ensemble Video administrators and users can edit a cascading style sheet to modify the colors, fonts and styles of their video pages. Ensemble Video’s HTML Plug-in has several customizable layouts and options. Additionally, our Simple Publishing API you can easily tap into the Ensemble Video database and have complete control of your layout.

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Does Ensemble Video provide a diverse set of user roles?

Yes, there are 5 users roles in Ensemble Video designed to meet the needs of your diverse organization.
The roles are:

  • System Administrators: The super user account for creating organizations and managing system-wide settings
  • Organization Administrators: Account used to manage departments, users, and media server integration
  • Content Contributor: These users manage, catalog, and publish video content using Ensemble Video
  • Content Editor: These users can edit and publish videos, but cannot add or delete videos.
  • Viewer: Can view “viewable” or “published” items in the Media Library and Shared Library.

Can you brand the Ensemble Video video player?

Yes, the Ensemble Video default Flash-based player is called the Flowplayer, and there is a commercial version of this that you can use with Ensemble Video to brand your video content with your institution’s logo.

How much does Ensemble Video Cost?

The cost of Ensemble Video depends on the Ensemble Video deployment option you choose. If you would like a quick quote or a demo contact us.

On-Premise: If you choose the “On-Premise Deployment” the minimum price for Ensemble Video is $2,000 per year. Most on-premise customers choose to install a media server and enterprise transcoder which will can change the price. If you would like a quick quote or a demo contact us.

Cloud SaaS: The cloud pricing is based on storage. Level 1 membership is $5,000 for 200GB of storage, Level 2 is $9,000 for 500GB of storage and Level 3 is $12,000 for 1TB of storage. We do offer additional storage above 1TB. If you would like a quick quote or a demo contact us.

Managed Service: If you are purchasing Ensemble Video from a “Managed Service Provider” please consult your Managed Service Provider. If you would like a quick demo contact us.