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The media environment you have access to when you log in is generically called a “Library” and is part of an Organization, which can have many libraries. Only you, and other content administrators within your Ensemble Video library (and any users granted “guest” permission to access the library), have access to your content. The library name (“Professor Hine”, in our example) appears at the top of the page.


Ensemble Video uses a tabbed interface. After logging in, you will see a list of media items that you have in your library – this is the Media Library Tab. The tabs are visible in the center of the page, just above the listing of items in the media library.

If your institution has implemented the Ensemble Video Portal, and you have chosen the Portal for your landing page, you will not immediately see the tabs when you log in. Simply navigate to your Media Library, using the Media Library icon at the top of the Portal page, to see them.

Easily navigate to different areas of the interface by clicking on the headings for each tab. The exact same options are also available using the icons located at the top of each page. Hover over the icons to learn which part of the interface they correspond to.


Here’s a quick summary of each of the tabs in the Ensemble Video interface, from left to right:

  • Media Library – Add, edit, delete, copy, and search video content.
  • Shared Library – View and publish videos shared to your library by other users within your implementation of Ensemble Video
  • Web Publishing – Define and manage Playlists and YouTube channels where you will make your video content available to external viewers.
  • Administration – Customize content settings, and set video sharing permissions.

There are two additional icons at the top of the page, which do not correspond to tabs, but are useful for quick navigation around the interface:

  • Profile – Edit your profile settings and password (see page 4 for more details).
  • Log Out – Sign out of the Ensemble Video environment.