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From the Permissions section, an administrator can view and manage user permissions to all resources, including: Libraries, Organizations, Institutions, Ensemble Anthem (Screen Capture), and Live Streaming. Need to assign a batch of users to a library—or enable/disable access to Live Streaming? Administrators can now control those functions from Permissions.

To access Permissions, click Administration, Organization, then Permissions.

Screenshot of the Permissions Section

The default view shows all available resources. The list of resources may be large, especially for an Institutional Administrator or System Administrator. To filter by resource type, click on the Resource Types drop-down:

Screenshot of the Resource Filter Box

To search for a specific Resource, type its name into the Search box. 

Screenshot of the Resource Search Box

To edit the Permissions for a resource, click the Permissions button in the right column of the table.

Screenshot of the Edit Permissions Button

All users who have been given access to the selected resource will be shown.

Screenshot of User Permissions

In the image above, we are viewing all users who have access to a library called Your First Library. To remove a user’s permission to access this library, click the Remove button in the right column, then click the Confirm button that will appear in red.

Screenshot of the Remove Button

In this example, two of the three users have Your First Library as their default library. You cannot remove a user’s permission to their default library. To remove one of these users from the library, you should first go to the Users menu and change the user’s default library.

To add user permissions to the selected resource, click Bulk then +Add Permissions.

Screenshot of the Add Permissions Button

First, select a Role that will be assigned to the new permissions. Then, select user(s) to be given access to the resource from the Users list. Ctrl click or shift click to select multiple users. To narrow the users list, use the Institution, Organization, and Library filters to only show users from a specific location. Or, type a name in the search box to show a specific user or users.

Screenshot of the Add Permissions Window

When all desired users have been selected (highlighted in blue), click Save. In the example above, james.doe and jenn.doe will be added to the library Your First Library as contributors.

To remove multiple users from a resource, click Bulk then Delete Permissions from the User Permissions window.

Screenshot of the Bulk Delete Permissions Button

The Contributor role is selected by default. If you need to remove Editor or Viewer roles from the resource, use the Role drop-down to select one. Select all users in the Users box that should be removed from the resource. If needed, use the filter fields and/or the Search box to narrow the Users list. Click Save to continue and remove all selected users from the resource.

Screenshot of the Delete Permissions Windows