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With Playlist Access Control, you can restrict the audience of a playlist by requiring a login form, or limit viewers to a certain domain or web address.

Click the Playlists tab in the navigation pane to get started.

Screenshot of the Playlists Button

Locate the playlist that you’d like to restrict, and click Access Control.

Screenshot of Playlist Access Control

Click the +Add button to make a new Access Control entry.

Screenshot of Playlist Access Option

From here, configure one of the three options:

  • Restrict Viewing with a Login Form
    Requires “Default” playlist embed code
  • Restrict to Viewers on a Domain/IP Address
    Requires “Default” playlist embed code
  • Restrict Viewing to a Web Address

Click Save after you’ve selected and configured an option.

You will be returned to the Playlist Security window, where your new restriction can be toggled on and off, edited, and deleted.

Screenshot of Playlist Security