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Publishing and sharing content individually from the Media Library works well for a single video, but a playlist lets you create a collection of content for a website, LMS, CMS or Blog. Once a playlist is created, Ensemble Video users can Publish items in their Media Library and Shared Library to their Playlist. Finally, Playlists are also used in Ensemble Video Portals.

Creating a New Playlist

Browse to the Library that will be the source of the playlist.

Screenshot of Library Selection

Click the Playlists button in the navigation column.

Screenshot of the Playlists Button

In the image above, there are no playlists in this library. Click the +Add button to create one.

Screenshot of Adding a Playlist

Enter a name for the playlist, then enter a URL for a custom logo for the playlist (optional).

If you want to allow viewers to download the media file of the content they are viewing, click the Allow Download checkbox.

Click Save.
You will be returned to the Playlists menu, where your new playlist has been created:

Version 4.3


Version 4.0 – 4.2

Screenshot of the Playlists Window

Managing a Playlist

As seen in the image above, there are several ways to utilize and share a playlist.

  • View Playlist (version 4.3+)
    Preview the playlist, even if a permalink has not been generated.
  • Embed Playlist
    Embed codes are available to embed content in an LMS, CMS, Blog or Webpage.
    See the Embedding a Playlist guide for more information.
  • Create Permalink
    Create a static URL for the playlist that can be viewed by and shared to anyone. There is no log-in needed to view the Playlist if you have the Permalink URL. Click the Create Permalink button to generate the URL. Two new buttons will replace the Create Permalink option:

    Version 4.3

    Screenshot of Permalink Buttons

    Version 4.0 – 4.2

    Screenshot of the Playlist Permalink Buttons

    Click the new Permalink button to get the static URL or configure the permalink.
    Configuring a Permalink for a Playlist has the same steps and options as Configuring the Permalink for an Individual Video.

  • Categories
    Categories enable you to organize your playlist content. Categories are especially useful when publishing to the Ensemble Video Portal.
  • Auto-Publish
    Using Auto-Publishing, content in a specific Media Workflow (e.g. a Watch Directory or Dropbox) can be automatically published to playlists when it arrives in the Media Library.
  • Access Control
    Limit access to just Ensemble Users, or restrict playback to a specific Domain or IP.
    See Playlist Access Control for more information.
  • Google Analytics
    Google Analytics tracking code(s) can be associated with one or more playlists.