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With Plug-in Templates, Organization Administrators and System Administrators can create pre-configured settings that are available to any user in the Organization when creating the plug-in code for a playlist.

Creating and Configuring Plug-in Templates

To create a new Plug-in Template, click Playlists in the navigation pane, then click the Embed Playlist button.

Screenshot of the Embed Playlist Window

See Embedding a Playlist for a description of the steps. When you’re done configuring the plug-in, copy the code generated, and navigate to the Plug-in Templates menu.

Screenshot of the Playlist Code Menu

To access Plug-in Templates, click Administration in the navigation pane, click Organization, and select Plug-in Templates.

Screenshot of the Plug-in Templates Window

Click +Add to create a new template.
You can also toggle the Status of an existing template, Edit it, or Delete it.

Screenshot of Entering a Plug-in Template

Enter a Title, then paste the code created earlier into the Code textbox.

Click Save to finish and return to the templates list.