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You can use Camtasia Relay and Ensemble Video to easily record lectures and presentations, then publish them to Ensemble Video so they can be viewed on your LMS, CMS, iPad, blog or webpage. View the Publish Video from Camtaisa Relay PDF

Open Camtasia Relay Recorder and Enter Details
First, open your Camtasia Recorder. Once the Camtaisa Relay Recorder is open, select the “Publish to Ensemble Video” profile. The “Publish to Ensemble Video” profile is created by an Administrator in your organization. Also, enter the “Title” and “Description” of the presentation.

Select Display and Start Recording
Then “Select a Display to Record.” After selecting your display and choosing the “Publish to Ensemble Video Profile” select the “Rec” button to start recording the presentation.

Edit and Publish Camtasia Recording
After recording the presentation click on the “Play” button to Preview the presentation. If appropriate, “Trim” the presentation. Finally, click on “Submit” to upload the presentation to Camtasia Relay and Ensemble Video. After submitting the presentation it will be automatically uploaded to Camtasia Relay and Ensemble Video. Normally automatic Notifications will be sent to the presenter confirming the upload (if it was configured in the profile by an administrator).