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Playlists are an excellent way to create a custom collection of content for a website, LMS, CMS or Blog. Once a playlist is created, Ensemble Video users can “Publish” one or more items in their Media Library and Shared Library to their Playlist. Finally, Playlist are also used in Ensemble Video Portals. To create new Playlist:

Login into your Media Library and Click on the Web Publishing Tab

Web PublishingTab

Click on the Add Button


Name Your Playlist


Your Playlist Has Been Created


Playlists Settings

There are additional Playlist settings that can be used in specific situations.

Categories: Categories enable you to organize your playlist content

Auto-Publish: Auto-Publishing enables you to have uploaded content automatically published to playlists.

Google: Google Analytics tracking code(s) can be associated with one or more playlists.

Plug-In: Plug-In embed codes are available to embed content in an LMS, CMS, Blog or Webpage. Additionally, Playlists can be customized.

Quick Publish: By click Quick Publish users can preview their playlist and generate a URL for their playlist.

Security: Clicking the Lock icon enables users to add security settings to their playlist.