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Ensemble Video’s integrated captioning service powered by CaptionEx makes your video accessible for all your viewers, at a much lower price point. The CaptionEx integration allows selected Ensemble Video users to pick and choose which videos can be captioned, making those videos accessible to all your viewers.

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  1. Go to
  2. Click on Register (This will open up the Registration Form)
  3. Check the box next to Add Ensemble Account and enter your ensemble username / password combination.
  4. The Ensemble Server box will have the URL (server) from where your libraries can be accessed (For example:
  5. Click on Verify once you have entered this information (There will be a dialog box (as shown below) that will display the success message once the credentials have been verified through Ensemble).
  6. Fill out the rest of the information on this form and click Submit (There will be a confirmation message that will have login information as well as the Keyword needed to logon to the CaptionEx Portal).
  7. Click on Login and enter that information in the Member Log In form.


  1. Upon login, the user will be directed to their Dashboard with a left navigation menu for maneuvering through the CaptionEx Portal.
  2. Click on the Ensemble Library navigation link to be redirected to your Ensemble Library Page.
  3. User will be able to select the Organization and Library from the two drop downs at the top of the table

Create Service Order

  1. By clicking the title of any video within the library, user will have the following option:
    1. Using the drop downs next to the desired service, user will be able to select the turnaround time for a given video.
    2. User can add any special instructions before submitting the video.
    3. Click Submit (Once the order has been successfully submitted, user will see a Confirmation Message).
    4. The confirmation will display the unique Service Order number assigned to the order. It will also reiterate the selections made by said user while submitting the order.