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Ensemble Video Moodle PluginAlong with the Ensemble Video Moodle Filter Plugin, this plugin makes it easier for Moodle users to add videos and playlists to content without having to navigate to Ensemble Video and copy/paste complicated embed codes. This plugin provides additional video and playlist repositories in the content editor that enable Moodle users to search and choose Ensemble Video media to be added.

Note: This plugin requires an Ensemble Video version of 3.4 or higher and this plugin works with Moodle 2.3, Moodle 2.4 and Moodle 2.5.

Download the Moodle Plugins here (please download and install both):

  1. Ensemble Video Repository
  2. Ensemble Video Filter

Note: You must install the both the Repository (#1) and Filter (#2) above.

View the How to Configure the Moodle Plugin PDF, or view the Using the Moodle Plugin PDF.