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Using the Add/Edit Wizard, Step Two of Three:
The Manage Content Form

From the Manage Content form, you can upload and manage:

You can also Manually Enter a Media Path for live streams and on-demand video files that Ensemble can access.

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Accessing the Manage Content Form

If you’re Uploading a New Video, the Manage Content form will load when you complete the Description step of the Add/Edit Wizard.

If the content is already in your Media Library, click the Edit button to enter the Add/Edit Wizard.

Screenshot of the Edit Button

When the wizard loads, click the Manage Content tab.


When the Manage Content menu opens, the Audio/Video sub-form is selected by default:

Screenshot of the Manage Content Form

To Upload a new Video File
  1. Select the desired Media Workflow (if more than one are available).
    Screenshot of Workflow Selection
  2. Click Add File
  3. Click Start Upload when you’re ready. The uploading status bar will advance as your content moves through the uploading process. Click Cancel Upload if you wish to cancel your upload once it has begun.
    Screenshot of Upload Window
  4. Once your video file is listed in the Media table (see image below), the status of the video will be displayed. You may advance to the Publish form by clicking Continue, or browse to another area of the Ensemble interface, even if the video is processing.
    Screenshot of the Pending Processing Message
  5. If the video Duration and Dimensions are detected, those values will be added. If no values appear after processing, you can manually enter the correct values.
  6. Optional: Select a Bandwidth label. See the Bandwidth Labels guide for more information.
  7. Optional: Once your video is ready, consider creating Annotations, adding Closed Captions, or Trimming the Video
  8. Click the Preview button to test your new video.
    Screenshot of the Preview Button

To add or edit additional content, including Images, Links, Attachments, or to Manually Enter a Media Path, click the Options field and select the desired option.
Screenshot of Secondary Content

Managing Images

The Images option allows you choose the preview and thumbnail image for a video. You can also upload additional images to create an image gallery or update the preview/thumbnail images.
Screenshot of the Images Option

Images are uploaded using the same steps as the video uploading process, except there is no Workflow selection for images. For best results, preview images for a video should be the same size as the video dimensions.
Screenshot of the Images Table

Click the Preview or Thumbnail radio button to select that image as the preview and/or thumbnail image.

Click the Delete button to delete all images checked for deletion.

Click the thumbnail image in the left column to view the image at full-size.

From the Manage Content form, click Links in the Options drop-down menu.
Screenshot of Secondary Content

Enter hyperlinks that are related to the content. Include a Name and URL for the hyperlink. You may also include a Description (optional).
Screenshot of Managing Links

Click +Add to save. Links cannot be edited once entered, but they can be removed using the Delete button.

Managing Attachments

From the Manage Content form, click Attachments in the Options drop-down menu.
Screenshot of Secondary Content

Upload attachments like a PDF or Word file to supplement your video. The steps are the same as uploading a video, except you do not need to select a workflow.
Screenshot of Managing Attachments

The Attachments table show all files that have been added. In this example, we’ve uploaded a Microsoft Word document titled Ensemble Help Categories. You can enter a description for your attachment in the box below the title field.

Click the Delete button to remove the file.

Manually Entering a Media Path

Use this option to enter the path to a live stream (e.g. an RTMP path). You can also enter the direct path to on-demand content that Ensemble has access to.
Screenshot of Manually Entering Media

If your are entering a live stream, check the Media is a Live Stream check box.

Click the +Add button to save your entry. It will be added to the Manual Entries list.

If the resolution of the video you’ve manually added is known, return to Audio/Video using the Options drop-down menu and enter the dimensions (Width x Height) for the media you just entered.

If the media path is active/live, click the Preview button to ensure the media path is correct before you continue.

Now that you’ve uploaded and configured your content, you’re ready to publish the video!
Visit the Publishing and Sharing guide to learn about some of the ways you can share and distribute your first video using Ensemble.