Annotations (v5.5 and prior)


Use the Annotations sub-form to easily annotate specific time points within a video. Annotations are like searchable bookmarks or chapter markers, but with included descriptions.

Annotations are only available for streaming videos.

Video Guide

Adding and Editing Annotations

To manage annotations for a video, click the Annotate tab in the Add/Edit Wizard.


The Annotation window contains a video player, a text box for entering new annotations, and a list of current annotations.


When the form loads, the video will begin to play. Find the location in the timeline where you want to add an annotation, then enter the text in the text box highlighted below. When you begin typing, the video will pause to allow you to finish the annotation. Hit the Enter key to save your annotation (or click the Save button). Video playback will then resume where you paused.


You can also manually pause and resume the video using the player controls, and change your position in the timeline using the video slider bar.

To skip forward or backward in controlled increments, enter a time (in seconds) in the box highlighted below. In this example, we could go forward or backward in 10 second increments.


There is also a controlled vocabulary “preset” option as well (for coded language, classification codes, sentence starters, etc.). Defining these presets is done in the Administration Tab via the Annotation Presets control.

To view the annotations in the normal Ensemble video player, click the Preview button.

Viewing Annotations During Playback

To view the annotations for a video, click the Annotations button below the video player, then click on one of the annotations to skip to that spot in the timeline.


Annotations in a permalink are only viewable if they have been enabled in the permalink menu.

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