Closed Captions


Closed captions are a great way to increase the accessibility of your content, and in some cases, they're required.

To add captions to a video, open the video from the Media Library using the Add/Edit Wizard, then click the Caption button at the top of the wizard.


Version 4.4+: The Closed Captions sub-form has four captioning options:


Version 4.1-4.3: The Closed Captions sub-form has four captioning options:


Version 4.0: The Closed Captions sub-form has three tabs:


This Guide Covers:

Automatic Captions

Starting in Ensemble version 4.4, an optional Automatic Caption service allows quick and easy creation of closed captions. Captions can be created automatically when a video is uploaded, or users can submit content to the captioning service from the media library. This service is offered at a fraction of the price of traditional captioning services.

Learn more about using the Automatic Captions service, or contact us for pricing.

Integrated Closed Caption Services

Ensemble Video offers several integrations with closed captioning services, allowing you to choose the option that best fits your institution's needs.

Using the Amara Caption Editor

Learn how to edit captions with the Amara Caption Editor in the Using the Amara Caption Editor article.

Uploading Captions

Learn how to upload captions by reading the Uploading Captions article.

Viewing Captions During Playback

Once captions have been added to a video, a CC icon will appear in the corner of the player. Click the button to toggle captions on and off.


Search Captions During Playback

With the Interactive Transcript you can view the scrolling transcript while watching the video, with current captions highlighted as the video plays.  You can also scroll through the transcript and click any word to play the video from that point.  The Interactive Transcript also enables you to search for a word, and wherever the word appears in the transcript you can click to play the video from that point.


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