The Branding section of the Institutional Settings interface enables you to configure the look and feel of several elements of the Ensemble Video environment for your Institution.

To edit the Branding settings for an Institution, click Administration in the navigation pane, then click Institution and Branding. This menu option is only available to System Administrators and Institution Administrators.


System Administrators can edit the Branding for any Institution available:

branding select institution

Institution Administrators skip the step above, and are taken directly to the Branding settings for their Institution:

Identity Providers

branding identity providers

You can include any LDAP Identity Providers (IDPs) you’ve defined for your institution (see Identity Providers later in this section), or the Ensemble Video internal account IDP. Any LDAP IDP you select will be available to users when they access Ensemble Video at the login URL defined in Branding, or at any URLs defined in the Portal Configuration section (Ensemble Video portal configuration is covered in detail in a later portion of this guide). The Default IDP will appear as the default option in the dropdown that users see when they log into Ensemble Video. Most institutions will just include a single option, which will be either Ensemble Video internal authentication, or an institutional LDAP IDP. Note: Shibboleth single sign-on users log in at an institutional login interface, and do not use the Ensemble Video login page.

Custom Login URL

This can be a custom URL, where you append your institution name, or some other string of characters, to the base URL of your Ensemble Video implementation (e.g.,

branding custom

Or, it can be a customized from your DNS namespace (e.g., This option is only available for self-hosted systems.

Preview, Thumbnail, and Application Logo

For the Preview and Thumbnail Images, just select an image and upload. Preview images are used as a splash image when the video player loads, and the thumbnail is a smaller image shown in the Media Library or in a Playlist video listing. The images uploaded here will be used as default images when no Preview or Thumbnail is available (e.g., for when users upload MP3 audio files). The Application Logo appears in the upper left-hand corner of the Ensemble Video web application. For the Application Logo, you can upload an image and also set a link and tooltip for the image. If the “External” checkbox is checked, then a new page will be launched when a user clicks on the image. CSS Class can be modified, if you want to apply custom styles.

branding application logo

Footer Image and Information

With Ensemble Video 5.2, you now have the ability to customize the image as well as the information in the footers on the website. You can change the image, as well as change the alt tag.



Welcome Message

Here, you can enter and edit full HTML to customize the Welcome Message your users will see when they log in to Ensemble Video.

branding welcome message

Policy Message

Here, you can enter and edit full HTML to customize a Policy Message that appears wherever users upload media.

branding policy message

Content and Playlist Login Policy Message

Along with the footer update, a new message will show up when a user logs into content in 5.2. You can edit this content at any time and as much as you like. This message will show up every time a content item is viewed by login.


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