Custom Metadata


Starting in Ensemble Video version 4.5, keywords, credits, and genres can be customized, allowing administrators greater control of metadata.

Custom Metadata for Organizations and Institutions

To edit the custom metadata for a single organization, go to Administration > Organization > Custom Metadata. Find your organization, then click Action > Edit


You can also edit the metadata for an entire institution: Administration > Institution > Custom Metadata. This includes the same options as in Organization Administration, but adds control of how the settings will be applied. You can use this option as a metadata template for new organizations, or also cascade the settings to pre-existing organizations. 


After editing the custom metadata for an institution, there are three choices for saving the customizations.

  1. Apply to the Default Institution Metadata Only. This option uses your settings when new Organizations are created in the chosen institution. Pre-existing organizations will not be affected.
  2. Apply to the Default Institution Metadata and Organization Metadata, Except where Customized. This behaves like option #1, but also applies your custom metadata to pre-existing organizations in this institution. If an organization had custom metadata applied, that information will not be over-written.
  3. Overwrite All Metadata for Institutions and its Organizations. Unlike option #2, this choice will overwrite custom metadata that had been configured for organizations inside this institution.

Viewing and Editing Custom Genres, Keywords, and Roles

From the Custom Metadata administration window, you can view the current list of Genres, Custom Keywords, and Roles: 

custom metadata

Genres and Roles are managed the same way. To add a new item to either list, type the text for the new Genre or Roles into the corresponding search box. If your entry does not already exist on the list, press the Enter key on the keyboard to save the item:

custom genre

The new item will now appear in the list:

metadata new genre

To Edit or Delete an item from the list, click on the corresponding icon on the right side of the list:

custom metadata edit keyword

Custom Keywords are hinted and user-selectable during metadata entry. To add Custom Keywords, type them into the Keywords list. Press the Enter key or Tab key to save the keyword and start another.

custom keywords

Click the x icon next to a keyword to delete it, or use the keyboard left/right arrows to highlight and backspace-erase the keyword. Select Delete All Keywords to clear the list. If Restrict to Custom Keywords is not selected, the list will be user-selectable but not enforced. If this option is enabled, only Custom Keywords will be usable.

Using Custom Metadata

If Custom Metadata has been entered, any custom changes to the Genre and Role lists will be reflected during data entry, as long as the current library's organization/institution was selected. Custom Keywords will be available and selectable:

custom keywords listed

While typing, matching keywords will be shown:

using custom keywords

If an administrator has chosen to Restrict to Custom Keywords, entries that are not on the keyword list are not allowed.

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