Ensemble Video 4.6 Version Summary


In version 4.6, several features have been introduced to improve the user experience and expand administrative control of the system. Security options have been expanded, Ensemble Studio is welcoming a dual-stream player, and region and language support has been added. Additionally, several other features, improvements, and fixes have been added.

To view all improvements, please visit the Changelog for version 4.6.

Dual Stream Playback

In version 4.5, Ensemble Video welcomed the Matrox Monarch LCS into Ensemble Studio. The integration has been expanded with dual-stream recording and dynamic playback in version 4.6. Previously, the picture-in-picture or side-by-side layout required a fixed, pre-selected layout. Now, when utilizing dual-stream recording with the Monarch LCS, the layout is selectable in the player:

Suggested presets have been put in place for encoding directly from the Monarch LCS into Ensemble without the need for additional transcoding. If desired, two-tier adaptive bit rate transcoding is available to allow a high- and low-quality version of each of the dual streams.


Security in Ensemble video is now available at every level and for every item. Content can be secured and controlled one-by-one in the media library, or rules can be set and enforced from libraries, organizations, and institutions. Additionally, new access control options are now available, including restricting content to specific users. Additionally, media library features can be disabled per library, organization, or institution to control options like the ability to download or publish content. We've improved our Playlist Access Control feature, and implemented access control across all locations as a new security feature. Security options include:

  • Restrict with a Login Form
  • Restrict to a Domain/IP Address
  • Restrict to a Web Address
  • Restrict to Specified User(s)
  • Restrict with a Password

A library user can secure their content to ensure that only the desired viewers can play it, or an administrator at any level can add restrictions to secure their entire group. Need to restrict playback in your institution to your domain? No problem:

Player Security System Web Address Restrictions

In addition to securing the player, expanded security options are now available for the web application.

Security System Settings

End-User Options control the features available to users in the Ensemble web application.

  • Delete: controls the Delete button in the Media Library and the Manage Content screen
  • Download: controls the Download button in the Media Library and the Manage Content screen, and also for publishing points like permalinks and embed codes
  • Edit Security: determines if users can set security restrictions for their content
  • Publish: controls the ability to publish content, as well as other functions that rely on publishing. When publishing is disabled, embed codes, permalinks, and social sharing cannot be used.
    • Embed Code: controls the Embed option for content and playlists
    • Permalink: controls the Permalink option for content and playlists When the Permalink option is disabled, Social Sharing cannot be used
      • Social Sharing: controls direct sharing to social media publishing points

Org. Admin Options control whether Organization Administrators can set security rules and edit Library Options inside their organization(s). Need to disable permalinks for an entire institution? You can now control that—as well as the other options—with a single change.

Learn more about security improvements in the Security guide for 4.6+.

Region and Language Settings

Administrators can now set region settings, including Time Zone, Date Format, and Time Format. Additionally, the default Language can be changed from English to Spanish. The language setting is applied to the player, portal, and login page. Learn more about Region and Language Settings

To view or adjust this setting, visit Administration > Institution/System > Region and Language Settings:

Region Language Settings

Auto-Publish Playlist

Ensemble users have asked for a quick & easy way to view and share their entire library. That capability is now available as an auto-published playlist that is automatically created and configured for every library, the Library Playlist

Library Playlist

Remember, just because content is published to a playlist, it doesn't mean that the content is public. The Library Playlist works just like any other playlist: it is not viewable outside of the web application unless the playlist has been shared via a permalink or embed code. If needed, the auto-publish option to the Library Playlist can be easily disabled or enabled for an institution, organization, or library. Visit Administration > Organization Libraries, then edit a library to view or toggle the Auto-Publish to Library Playlist option for that library:

Auto Publish Playlist Toggle

CAS/Shibboleth Identity Providers Group Support

Previously, leveraging identity provider groups was only an option for Active Directory/LDAP in Ensemble Video. Now, management of Groups for CAS and Shibboleth identity providers is possible, which allows for playback restrictions to defined groups in CAS/Shibboleth

Portal: Popular Channel

The Ensemble Video Portal now includes a Popular channel to showcase the most viewed content in your portal. 

Portal Popular

The Portal Settings menu also includes new sort and display options to enable/disable and sort sections of the portal:

Portal Display Sort

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