Ensemble Video 4.5 Version Summary


We are proud to announce the arrival of Ensemble Video version 4.5, which includes several new features, enhancements, and a continuation of system improvements from version 4.4.

Ensemble Studio & Matrox Monarch LCS

In version 4.3, Ensemble Studio was announced. Ensemble Studio allows scheduling and management of recording devices from the Ensemble Video web application. In version 4.5, the Matrox Monarch LCS has been added to the integration.  

lcs front view

lcs back view

The Monarch LCS includes the ability to capture two video inputs simultaneously, with eight layout options to choose from: 

monarch lcs layouts

Learn more about Ensemble Studio on our website, and schedule a demo to see it in action.

Custom Metadata

Metadata for on-demand content, live streams, and Ensemble Studio recordings is now customizable and manageable. Administrators can control Genres, Keywords, and Roles (Credits) from the institutional level, and/or set custom metadata for each organization:

custom metadata

Learn more in the Custom Metadata Guide.

Portal Update

The Ensemble Video Portal has received a welcome design update. Each channel is now scrollable from left-to-right, and the title and description display have been retooled to better use the space available. There's nothing to re-learn, all of the core features of the Portal are still there!

portal sample

Nested LDAP Support

Our customers have asked for support for Nested LDAP groups; we've heard you loud and clear. Starting in 4.5, nested LDAP groups can be used for provisioning and access control. If your LDAP structure looks anything like this, you now have much more granular control of group selection:


  • Academic Affairs
  • Athletics
  • Institutional Advancement
  • Finance and Management
  • Student Affairs
  • Etc.

Auto-Provisioning Multiple Roles

Starting in version 4.5, users can be auto-provisioned into multiple libraries, and given additional roles like Use Live Streaming and Record Ensemble Anthem. This is especially useful when you want all new users to have access to these features.

provisioning additional roles

Further Changes & Additions

Bulk Automatic Captions: The Automatic Caption system in Ensemble Video includes several ways to manage and automate the creation of closed captions. Starting in version 4.5, pre-existing content can now be submitted to the captioning service in bulk: 

bulk automatic caption button

Export Users to CSV: In response to administrators looking for a full user list, we've added a downloadable user CSV list in Administration > Users

export users

Player Update: JW Player has been upgraded once again, adding to Ensemble Video's HTML5/HLS playback support, and increasing compatibility with Wowza StreamLock. With StreamLock enabled, the Ensemble Video Player can now deliver an HTML5 player to all major web browsers. Contact our support team for more information on configuring StreamLock in Ensemble.

Auto-Provisioning via LTI: LDAP Accounts can now be auto-provisioned from LTI integrations such as your LMS. Now there's no need for first-time users to visit your Ensemble web application in order to initialize their account.

Reporting Improvements: The Ensemble reporting service has been optimized in the player—this means faster and more efficient player-based reporting.

Manage Content in One Click: The Manage Content step of the Add/Edit Wizard is used for uploading & managing multimedia assets, viewing encodings, and accessing the transcoding log. That screen is now accessible with a single click from the Media Library, the Live Library, and from Ensemble Studio: 

manage button


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