Ensemble Video 4.4 Version Summary


We are proud to announce the arrival of Ensemble Video version 4.4, which includes several new features, enhancements, and architectural improvements.

Automatic Captions

It's not easy making captions available for all of your content. Creating captions in-house consumes an incredible amount of time & resources, and outsourcing a professional transcription/caption service can cost hundreds of dollars for just a few hours of content. Ensemble Video now includes speech-to-text technology to automatically create captions for your videos—at a fraction of the cost. Administrators can configure an entire Institution, Organization, or Library for automatic captioning, or give select users permission to submit content to the captioning service. As with all machine-assisted captioning tools, the accuracy of the captions will vary based on the clarity of the audio track. After the automatic captions are created, you can edit them in Ensemble's integrated Amara Caption Editor. With this workflow, you can now afford to make all of your content accessible. Don't forget our in-video caption search feature, which will make all of your captions searchable in a synchronous or asynchronous playback environment. Read more about using the Automatic Caption feature, and contact us for pricing and a demo!

Custom Preview & Thumbnail Image Options

Ensemble Video users can now extract a still image from their video files inside the Ensemble interface. The custom thumbnail will be displayed in the video player, playlists, and portals. 

thumbnail generator

Additionally, you can now set a time where the preview and thumbnail images are automatically generated from. This is a great option if most of your videos contain a logo or splash image at the beginning of the video.

default thumbnail time

Read more about the new image generation options.

Bulk Add Users

Users can be added over time using auto-provisioning, but sometimes that's not ideal if you want to add all of your users at once. Instead, use the Bulk Add Users tool. To do so, you upload a CSV (comma separated values) file containing the user accounts to be created. In addition to the essential user data, you can set user roles and create new libraries for users. 

bulk add users

Read More in the Bulk User Guide.

Additional Improvements

Video Player Upgraded: Ensemble Video's integrated JW Player has been updated to version 7. This extends accessibility compliance via closed-caption and screen reader improvements, and brings additional HTML5/HLS support to lay the groundwork for future streaming and player enhancements. Looking to replace Flash player with an HTML5 player for HTML5-video capable devices? Contact us for information on enabling StreamLock.

player settings

Title Overlay on Video Player: Ensemble Video 4.4 allows you to overlay the title of your video in the video player. This setting can be controlled in the player settings at the Organization and Institution level.

Adaptive Bitrate Live Streaming: Your Ensemble system can now be configured for ABR live streaming, allowing content delivery advantages that were previously only available for on-demand content. Contact us for more information on Live ABR.

Architectural Improvements: Ensemble Video engineers are hard at work making drastic improvements to its software architecture and cloud infrastructure to improve performance, scalability and durability.

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