Bulk Adding Users


Ensemble users (and optionally, their libraries) can be created using the Bulk Users tool.

See also: Auto Provisioning.

The Bulk Add Users Tool

To bulk add users, browse to Administration > Organization > Users, then select Bulk > Add Users. The bulk users import tool will load: This option is only available for Institution Administrators and System Administrators.

bulk add users

First, select the Institution where the users will be added. The organization(s) and libraries will be selected later in the CSV file. Then, choose what Identity Provider the users will be added to.

Next, select Auto Create Libraries if you want to create new libraries for users if their designated library in the CSV does not already exist.

Select the Download CSV Template button to download and edit the CSV template, which can be opened using spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel.

Once the CSV file is complete, select the Browse button to select your CSV file. If validation errors are found, you will be presented with a success message, or an error log to download: 

bulk add error log

If no errors are detected in the CSV file, click the Import button to complete the user import.

Bulk User CSV Specifications

The CSV Template contains the following columns:

Default Organization

The default organization must exist in the selected institution.

Default Library

If Default Library does not exist and “Auto Create Libraries” is enabled, libraries will be created if they do not match an existing library in the specified Organization.

Default Role

Supported roles are: Viewer, Editor, Contributor, Organization Administrator, Institution Administrator, System Administrator

Landing Page

Enter TRUE for Portal or FALSE for Media Library default page. The Media Library default page (FALSE) is the typical usage.

User Name

Username is a unique field.


The password field is only required if using the Ensemble Account Identity Provider. If the “Enforce Password Strength” setting is enabled (in System Settings), the password must meet the password policy.

First Name

Last Name

E-mail Address

bulk user csv

In the example above, the Default Library value for Agent Smith is generated automatically from the First Name and Last Name columns. When the Auto Create Libraries option is turned on during the import, you may want to automatically generate a Default Library name for new libraries. To do so, create a formula like the one above, then auto-fill the same formula for all desired rows. Example Excel formulas for the Default Library name:

=CONCAT(H2, ", " G2) will produce a library named Smith, Agent

=CONCAT(G2, " " H2) will produce a library named Agent Smith

For versions of Microsoft Excel Previous to 2016, use the CONCATENATE function instead of CONCAT.

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