Using the Blackboard LTI Integration


After you've logged in to Blackboard, go to your course and go to the Content Area where you will be inserting content. Choose Build Content > Ensemble Video Chooser (or whatever it may be named as).


On the Ensemble Video Chooser, navigate to the proper organization/library and find the content you would like to insert. You can insert a video, playlist, dropbox, and/or quiz

Choose Media

Find the video you would like to use, and press the green plus button under the thumbnail.

If you want to add a new video click Upload or, if you have a license for Ensemble Anthem webcam+screen recording software, you can click on the Record button. Once the new video is added, press the green plus button under the thumbnail.


Here, you have two options on how you can insert the video.

  • Video Link: Thumbnail is clicked and opens in a new window, tracks individual viewers. Use this option when posting quizzes.
  • Video Player: Video is directly embedded into the page, does not track individual viewers.

Choose which best suits your needs. When done, hit Save. 


The content selected will then appear in the box on the page. Finish anything else you'd like to edit and then press Submit.


When saved, the page should show the video like so (if Video Link was selected). Just click on the thumbnail of the video.


Blackboard will then notify you that the video is opening in a new window.


When opened, you will see the video with all necessary tabs, and it will be available to any viewers.



Choose Playlist

Find the playlist you would like to use, and press the green plus Choose button.


Choose Playlist Embed Options (Optional) to modify the layout of the playlist. 


Select the preferred Layout and click Save.  


Click Save to finalize your selection. 


You Playlist is now embedded. 



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