Configure the Canvas Integration


The Ensemble Video Canvas LTI Tool makes it easy for educators to use Ensemble content as part of their Canvas course. Users can upload audio and video files, access their existing Ensemble Video Media Libraries, publish single videos and video Playlists into their course, and launch Ensemble Anthem without ever leaving the Canvas interface.

Note: To use the gradebook, the Canvas integration must be set up again.

Creating the Ensemble App in Canvas

In order to use the Canvas integration with Ensemble Video, a one-time setup process is required. To start, browse to Admin > Settings > Apps and select View App Configurations.


Select the +App button to create a new App.


Canvas will require some information from Ensemble's LTI Configuration in order to communicate with Ensemble. Log in to your Ensemble web application, then browse to Administration > Institution > LTI Configurations (Institution Administrators and System Administrators only). Find the row that corresponds to the Institution name and Identity Provider that will be used by your Canvas users. Click Action > Edit to view the LTI Configuration settings:


The Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Config URL fields are all needed in the Canvas app. Make sure to select the proper Identity Provider as well.


Return to Canvas, where the Add App interface was launched:


Start by setting Configuration Type to By URL. Next, give the app an identifiable Name such as "Ensemble Video Chooser" or "Ensemble Integration." Now, copy & paste the Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and Configuration URL from the Ensemble LTI Configurations window. When all fields are complete, click Submit. To confirm the integration has been configured properly, view the Placements for the newly added app:


If the Editor Button and Link Selection placements are listed, the app is ready to use by Canvas users with a provisioned account in Ensemble. If the placement is not listed, please delete the app and try again, ensuring that the Configuration Type field is set to By URL when configuring the integration.


Configuring Custom Settings

You can add additional parameters to your Canvas/Ensemble integration to set default options, such as turning on closed captions by default. Browse to the External Apps menu in Canvas, then Edit the Ensemble Video app:


The Custom Fields control allows you to set default options for all Canvas users. In the image below, the default playlist layout and default video width settings have been added:


Enter one parameter per line, in the format parameter_name=parametervalue. Descriptions of all available custom field values can be found here. (The Moodle and Canvas LTI integrations in Ensemble share the same configuration parameters).  

Quick Configuration



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