Trimming a Video


You may find that you need to remove the empty space before or after a video. Or, you might want to create a short clip from a longer video. In either case, the Trim feature is for you.

To trim the start-point and end-point of a video, open the video from the Media Library using the Add/Edit Wizard, then click the Trim button at the top of the wizard.


Trimming a Video:

  1. Using the video player, advance to the new desired start point, then click the Start button. Then, advance to the new end point and click End. If you only need to trim the start point, you do not need to enter a new end point, and vice-versa.
  2. Enter a new title in the Title field, use the automatically generated “Original Title (Clip)” title. Use the checkbox to indicate if you would like to copy the description information from the original video to the new, trimmed video.
  3. When you’re done, click Save Clip.

When you return to the Media Library, the new clip will be available, and new thumbnail and preview images will be generated after a few minutes. The new clip will follow any auto-publishing workflows as the original upload. The original video will not be altered in any way. You may delete the original or the clip from the Media Library, and the other will not be affected.

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