Adding a New Video


Using the Add/Edit Wizard, Step One of Three: Entering Metadata

Video Guide

New videos and other types of content are generally added to Ensemble using the Add/Edit Wizard. The wizard has three main steps:

description tab

  1. Description: Enter descriptive information for your video, add keywords, and add credits.
  2. Manage Content: Upload and manage media, web links, and attachments
  3. Publish: Make an item live for internal and external viewers. Publish/un-publish to Playlists, YouTube channels, and individual users.

Opening the Add/Edit Wizard to Add New Content

  1. Log in to Ensemble
  2. Navigate to the desired Media Library for the new content.
  3. Click the +Add button (See Bulk Uploads for adding multiple files simultaneously).


Using the Add/Edit Wizard, Step One of Three: The Description Form

Enter a title for the video (required), and add a description, keywords, and credits if desired.


Click Continue to save and enter the next step: Manage Content.

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