Bandwidth Labels


A Bandwidth Label is a descriptor of the encoding for an uploaded video file. The label is not displayed if there is only one encoding (video file) for a piece of content, but labels are needed in instances like multiple bit-rate content where multiple encodings are used.

An example of useful bandwidth labels would be having a Normal bandwidth setting and an optional High-Bandwidth version for high-speed internet desktop users. You can also take advantage of semantic labels like "Screen Capture" or "Quicktime Download." This guide covers:

Applying a Bandwidth Label to a Video

Once a video is uploaded, it will be listed in the Manage Content section of the Add/Edit Wizard. From there, you can specify one Bandwidth Label for each video file: 


Use the radio button in the Default column to indicate which encoding the video player should load when it opens.

Customizing Bandwidth Labels

Using the Bandwidth Labels menu, you can add, edit, disable, and delete Bandwidth Labels for an individual library.

Start by browsing to the library that you would like to customize labels for: 

selecting a library

Once there, click the Administration button in the navigation column.

Click Library in the navigation column, then select the Bandwidth Labels option.

edit bandwidth labels

You are now presented with a list of current Bandwidth Labels.

  • Click +Add to create a new label.
  • Click a checkbox in the Default column to change the default label. This option will be used whenever a new video file is uploaded.
  • Click the Edit button to rename a label.
  • Click the Disable button to prevent that label from being attributed to files. Current encodings using that label will continue to function normally, and can still be selected in the video player. After you click Disable, it will be replaced with an Enable button.
  • Click Delete to remove a bandwidth label. All encodings using the delete label will revert to the Default option. To delete the default option, you must first designate a new default.


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