Bulk Publish


To publish multiple items to the same destination(s), select the content from the Media Library by clicking the corresponding checkbox for each desired item, then click Bulk Publish.


A new window will ask you to confirm the content selected. If any of the items on the list are not meant to be included in the Bulk Publish operation, press the x icon next to that item to exclude it. Click Continue if the list is correct. Click Close to cancel the Bulk Publish operation and return to the Media Library.


The Bulk Publishing window contains the same functions as when publishing individually:


To publish the selected content without selecting any publishing destinations, click Apply and Finish. Publishing in this fashion marks the content as Published, which enables creation of permalinks, embed codes, and social sharing for the content, but does not change the content's publishing settings otherwise.

To publish all selected content to a playlist, click the checkbox corresponding to the playlist to enable the Publish toggle.


In the example above, all selected content will be published to Biology. The publishing status for Chapters for Studying will not be changed. If one of the videos was already published to that playlist, it will not be unpublished.

To unpublish the selected content from the playlist, enable the checkbox then click the Publish toggle to switch its state to Unpublish:


When finished, click Apply and Finish. Shared Libraries, Users, Groups, and Scheduled Publishing can also be toggled using the Bulk Publishing tool.

For a description of all publishing functions, see the Publishing and Sharing guide.

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