Ensemble Video 4.1 Version Summary


In Ensemble 4.1, we’re introducing some great new features for closed captioning, including integration with the Amara Caption Editor. Additionally, we are releasing content cleanup features to manage deleted content. Last but not least, we've got some new user-interface features and improvements to make browsing your content even easier.

The Amara Caption Editor

Ensemble users can now create and edit the caption file for a video right from Ensemble using the Amara integration. To launch the editor, open the Caption tab in the Add/Edit Wizard, then click Launch Amara Editor.

launch amara

The Amara Editor is a simple three-step process: type your captions, sync the timing for your captions, then review and fine-tune the captions. Visit the Amara Caption Editor guide to learn how to use the new integration.

Caption File Improvements

  • VTT caption files are now supported, as well as DFXP files. Use of VTT files is only available using JW Player. (See Player Settings for more information).
  • Ensemble now includes automatic validation for DFXP and VTT caption file uploads. If the caption file is not formatted correctly, an error message will describe the issue.

Content Cleanup

Content creators and administrators can now manage deleted content. From the new Deleted Items menu, users can view deleted content, restore any or all of the content to the media library, or permanently delete the content—removing the media file and all related assets. 

deleted items

System administrators can set a file retention period, which controls how long content is kept in the Deleted Items area before it's permanently deleted automatically. This is an easy-to-use and scalable way to manage that old and unneeded content. See Managing Deleted Content for more.

Bulk Publishing

Previously, we introduced the Bulk Upload and Bulk Delete features to make it easier to work with large collections of content. We're adding the Bulk Publishing option, which works just like the other bulk management options.

bulk publish

Sorting the Media Library

Content in the Media Library can now be sorted based on one of several options. Combine this feature with the ability to show 10, 20, 50, or 100 items at a time, and browsing your large collections is now a breeze.

media library sort

Hide the Live Stream Menu Item

Is your Ensemble system not using Live Streaming? A System Administrator can now toggle the visibility of the Live Stream button (Administration > System > Settings > Hide Live Streaming).

Portal Logout link for LDAP users

LDAP users can now log out of Ensemble directly from the Portal.

Safe Institution & Organization Deletion

Institutions cannot be deleted if there are Organizations assigned to that Institution. All Organizations must be deleted or moved to another Institution before the parent Institution can be removed.

To delete an Organization, administrators need to insert a confirmation CAPTCHA code to continue.

Looking for more?

Check out the Ensemble Video 4.0 Version Summary to see the features we introduced in version 4.0.

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