Using the Media Library


Using the Media Library, you can create, view, edit, publish, and download content. You can also access the permalink for a published entry, or share your content via social media.

This guide contains some features and screenshots from Ensemble version 4.1+.

media library

Pictured above: The Media Library Window

Changing Sort and Display Options

By default, the Media Library uses a single-column list, with 10 items per page sorted by newest. To change the sort order, click the sort field and select an option:

media ibrary sort

You can also show 10, 20, 50, or 100 rows per page:

media library page size

To change the view from List View to Grid View, click the grid icon:

grid button

Adding New Content Using the Add/Edit Wizard

To upload a video, or image(s), click the +Add button to open the Add/Edit Wizard. 

media library add button

For details on using the wizard, see: Adding a New Video.

Uploading Multiple Video Files

To upload multiple files simultaneously, click the Bulk Upload button in the Media Library header. 

media library bulk upload button

The bulk upload window will now open.

bulk upload window

  1. Select the desired Workflow. This will control how the videos are processed after uploading. For more information, see the Using Media Workflows guide.

    workflow selection
  2. Click the Add Files button to browse for the files to upload, or drag your files from your computer to the box labeled Drag Files here.
  3. Click Start Upload when all desired files have been selected.
  4. When the upload(s) are finished, a prompt will ask if you want to close the bulk window.
  5. Optional: Use the Add/Edit Wizard to manage the title, description, meta data, and content for the new uploads.

Editing Content Using the Add/Edit Wizard

If you need to edit meta data or manage content for an item in your Media Library, click the Edit button below the content to open the Add/Edit Wizard.

See the Add/Edit Wizard guide to learn more about managing your content.

edit button

Publishing Content Using the Add/Edit Wizard

Once content is loaded to the media library, you can use the Add/Edit Wizard to Publish to an existing playlist, share to other users and LDAP groups, post to social media, and schedule a publishing date.

Open the Add/Edit Wizard using the Publish button.

publish button

To learn more about this feature, visit the Publishing and Sharing guide.

Bulk Publishing

To publish multiple items to the same destination(s), select the content from the Media Library by clicking the corresponding checkbox for each desired item, then click Bulk Publish

bulk publish

A new window will ask you to confirm the content selected. If any of the items on the list are not meant to be included in the Bulk Publish operation, press the x icon next to that item to exclude it. Click Continue if the list is correct. Click Close to cancel the Bulk Publish operation and return to the Media Library.

bulk publish confirm selection

The Bulk Publishing window contains the same functions as when publishing individually:

bulk publish window

To publish the selected content without selecting any publishing destinations, click Apply and Finish. Publishing in this fashion marks the content as Published, which enables creation of permalinks, embed codes, and social sharing for the content, but does not change the content's publishing settings otherwise.

To publish all selected content to a playlist, click the checkbox corresponding to the playlist to enable the Publish toggle.

bulk publish to playlist

In the example above, all selected content will be published to Forward-Facing Playlist. The publishing status for Instructional Playlist will not be changed. If one of the videos was already published to that playlist, it will not be unpublished.

To unpublish the selected content from the playlist, enable the checkbox then click the Publish toggle to switch its state to Unpublish:

bulk unpublish from playlist

When finished, click Apply and Finish. Shared Libraries, Users, Groups, and Scheduled Publishing can also be toggled using the Bulk Publishing tool.

Copying Content to Another Library

To copy content to another library, click the Copy button. 

copy media library entry

The Copy Content menu will open.

Select a target library for the new copy, and click the green Copy Content button. Only libraries that have allowed you to share and copy to them will be available in the drop-down list.

copy content menu

Copying is different from sharing in several ways:

  • Copied content is added to the Media Library, not the Shared Library. This gives the new library complete control of their copy of the content.
  • Copied content duplicates the meta data and the actual content file(s). If either copy is deleted, the other will not be affected.
  • Permission to copy content must be enabled, in addition to normal sharing permission. See the Enabling Sharing guide for allowing another library to copy content to your Media Library.

Previewing and Downloading Content

To preview a video or image gallery, click on the content's title or thumbnail in the Media Library. A pop-up window with a player will open.

To Download a video, click the Download button under the video thumbnail in the Media Library.

download button

Your browser will prompt you to either open or download the video.

Sharing on Social Media and Email

To share a video to social media, click the Share button under the content you'd like to share. This option is only available if the content has been published.

share button

The Sharing window includes options for Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp and Google Classroom.


Click on one of the social media icons to open the sharing option for any of the platforms.

If you are not already logged in to the sharing platform you chose, you will be prompted to do so before you can share content.

If you would rather manually share a link to the video, use the Permalink button instead.

Click the Permalink button to generate a static and permanent hyperlink for an item in the Media Library. The permalink can be copied & pasted anywhere you'd like to share it. This option is only available if the content has been published.

permalink button

After you've clicked the Permalink button, copy the pre-generated URL to share a simple video player with minimal supplementary information.

permalink menu

To edit the pre-generated URL, type a new string into the custom permalink box, then click Create.

custom permalink

To include Social Media Sharing Tools, Attachments, or Annotations in the player, click the checkbox for the option.

permalink social tools

For more options, click the Advanced Settings option.

advanced settings

When you are done configuring your permalink, click the View button to preview the player, or click Close to return to the Media Library.

Embedding the Player on an External Website

Using the Embed button, you can generate HTML code to copy & paste into a platform outside of Ensemble, such as your forward-facing website or LMS. This option is only available if the content has been published. 

embed button

The Embed window offers several options for configuring your embed code. First, select a Mode.

embed video

The iFrame Responsive option is selected by default. The iFrame or JavaScript options offer the same features. Both options are available in case one conflicts with the new location.

Use a Responsive option for a player with a flexible player that is responsive to its setting. Use a non-responsive option if you would prefer to specify a specific/fixed Size.

To include Social Tools, Attachments, or Annotations in the player, click the checkbox for the option.

permalink social tools

For more options, click the Advanced Settings option.

advanced settings

Deleting Content

To delete an item, click the Delete button associated with the content to be removed. 

delete button

After deletion, content is unavailable to all users, shared libraries, and playlists. Content that has been copied elsewhere will not be affected.

Bulk Deleting

Deleting a large collection of videos individually can be time consuming. To delete a batch of content, click the checkbox to the left of each video to be deleted, then click the Bulk Delete button.

bulk delete button

This will open the Bulk Delete window. Click the X icon to remove a video from the deletion queue (it will not be deleted). Push the Bulk Delete button to delete all content on the list and return to the Media Library.

bulk delete window

Note: There is no "Are you sure?" prompt while using this tool. Clicking the Delete button will immediately trigger the delete function

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