LTI Configurations


The LTI Configurations menu provides the information you need to implement LTI integration with any of the Learning Management Systems that use LTI external tools, and platforms such as Blackboard, Canvas, and Desire2Learn/Brightspace.

Institution Administrators and System Administrators can access this information by clicking Administration, then Institution, then LTI Configurations.

lti configurations

LTI Configurations:


Blackboard Building Block Setup

Using the Blackboard Building Block


Configuring Canvas Integration

Using the Canvas Plugin


Configuring D2L Integration

Using the Brightspace by D2L Plugin


Setting up the Moodle Plugin (Repository)

Setting up the Moodle Tool (LTI)

Using the Moodle Plugin (Repository)

Using the Moodle Tool (LTI)


Set up the Sakai Integration

Using the Sakai Integration

Not sure which one to use? Check the helpful list here!

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