Creating multiple organizations in your Ensemble Video Institution allows you to create a group of libraries that share administrative settings, such as workflow templates. Also, Organization Administrator accounts can be created, allowing those users to oversee multiple users and libraries without giving the administrator higher-level access to features like branding.

To edit or create an institution, click on Administration in the navigation pane. Click Institution then Organizations. (Institution Administrators and System Administrators only).


Click +Add to create a new Organization, or click Action then Edit to make changes to an existing Organization.


You can optionally set a storage Disk Quota for the Organization, as well as a default Library Disk Quota for all the Libraries created within the Organization (in gigabytes).

The Workflow Templates section lets you include one or more Workflow Templates that were defined for your Institution by your System Administrator. You can specify which of these will be auto-created when an Organization Administrator adds a new Library, and which Library Media Workflow will be the default upload Media Workflow.

It is strongly recommended that you specify Workflow Templates, Auto Create Workflows and a Default Upload Workflow when you create any new Organization.  It is much easier to specify this information when creating the new Organization, rather than adding Media Workflow Templates once the Organization has been created.

Starting in Version 4.2, Live Stream and Live Capture workflows are automatically configured for a new organization. They can be enabled or disabled using the Permissions feature.

For details on types of Workflows and optional settings, see the Workflows Templates guide.

Deleting an Organization

To delete an Organization from the list, click Action then Delete. Starting in version 4.1 entering a CAPTCHA code is required to confirm deleting an Organization.

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