Managing Libraries


Organization Administrators and Institution Administrators can add, delete, and rename a Library. Additionally, they can manage the disk quota for the library.

To access the Libraries window, click Administration, then click Organization and select Libraries.


Creating a Library

To create a new Library, click the +Add button in the Libraries window. 

add library

Enter a Name for the new library, and set a Disk Quota (if desired). A disk quota controls how much storage a library can use. 

edit library

Click the Save button when finished.

Deleting a Library

To remove a Library, click the Delete button corresponding to the Library to be deleted. 

delete a library

A prompt will explain that all related content will be unpublished and deleted. Click the Yes button to commit.

confirm library delete

Editing a Library

To rename an existing Library, or to manage its disk quota, click the Edit button corresponding to the desired Library.

edit a library

From the Edit Library menu, you can change the name or disk quota for the library, using the same controls as Creating a Library.

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