Automatic Sync


The Automatic Sync control enables Users in your Organization to submit videos to the CaptionSync service for seamless captioning.

Once a video is submitted, it will be captioned within 1–3 business days. The captions will be automatically sent back to your Ensemble Video installation, and integrated with the video, making captions available on playback (provided the content is MP4 or FLV video that is viewed with the Flash-based Flowplayer).

Setting Up the Automatic Sync Integration

Before you can configure access to Automatic Sync’s CaptionSync service in Ensemble Video, you must have an Automatic Sync account. You can create one at After creating the account, you will need to request that Automatic Sync enable the Ensemble integration. You can do this by sending an email to Or, go to the account’s "Help" section and submit a support ticket; on the dropdown menu for Problem Type, select “Enable my account for Ensemble integration.”

Next, log into Ensemble Video, click Administration, Organization, then Automatic Sync.

automatic sync

Click +Add to configure a new Automatic Sync account. Complete the web form, and click Save.

add automatic sync account

The Account Name is the descriptive name that will be used to identify the account(s) that have been configured. You will also need to enter your Automatic Sync Username, and an SSH Key will be automatically generated. The PO Number is optional. It is used in some instances to track billing within Automatic Sync.

Once your account information and SSH Key have been configured in Ensemble Video, the SSH Key must be added to the appropriate AutomaticSync account via the CaptionSync interface in the SSH Keys section of the “Settings” Tab. (Make sure the Status for the SSH Key in Automatic Sync is “Ready” – this can take a few minutes.)

The SSH Keys section of the Automatic Sync Settings Tab.

automatic settings tab

Once you’ve added your SSH Key in AutomaticSync, you can test the connection from Ensemble Video by clicking Edit for the Account you configured, and then clicking Test Connection. If the connection is working properly, you will see a Connected Successfully message.

You can use the same Automatic Sync Username to create multiple account profiles in Ensemble Video. For example, you can create one where you allow rush orders, and another where you don’t allow rush orders. Just add a second Automatic Sync Account in Ensemble, give it a unique name (but use the same Automatic Sync Username), and then add the newly generated SSH Key to your Automatic Sync account.

Once you’ve set up account integration in Ensemble Video, you can provide access for:

  • All users in specific libraries
  • Specific users in specific libraries

To configure access, click the padlock Access icon on the main page of the Automatic Sync menu.

automatic sync access control

Granting access to your Automatic Sync Account.

Then click Add Access, select the Library you want to provide access to, and choose a specific User, all the Organization Administrators, or all the Content Administrators in the Organization or Library.

automatic sync access

Click Save when finished.

Using the Automatic Sync Integration

If your library is configured with access to integration with the AutomaticSync CaptionSync service, you can submit your video for captioning. With this option, the fee-based CaptionSync service will caption your video, and the resulting captions will be returned to Ensemble and integrated automatically.

captioning service

  • Select the video file to be captioned using the Media field, and select the Account to be charged.
  • Enter a short Description (or title) for the video.
  • Add Notes to the Transcriber. This area is to enter the correct spelling of name, or place. It can also be used to explain something about the video to the transcriber.
  • Designate if the captioning is a Rush job. This could include extra fees.
  • Click Submit when finished.

To use this option, your Ensemble Video Organization Administrator must configure your Library to use an Automatic Sync account.

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