Upload Workflow Templates


An Upload Media Workflow defines how a video is processed when uploaded through the Ensemble Video web interface.

When a Library is first created in Ensemble, some Media Workflows may be added automatically, based on Workflow Templates that are defined for your Organization. There are also Institution Workflow Templates that are set up by an System Administrator when the Institution was set up.  You can add a new Upload Workflow Template to your Organizations (requires Institution Administrative rights) if needed.  

  1. Click on Administration -> Institutions -> Organizations
  2. Find your Organization in the list
  3. Click on Action -> Workflow Templates


  4. Click on Add -> Upload Directory

  5. Select a Template from the Template dropdown menu. 


  1. This will automatically fill in the information for the new Upload Workflow Template. 


  • Institution:  This dropdown menu shows the name of your Institution (Note: Ensemble Video System Administrators can choose other Institutions)
  • Template:  If your System Administrator has created one or more Workflow Templates for your Institution, you will be able to select them here. When you do, many of the details of the form will be automatically inserted, saving you from having to manually specify these values.
  • Organization:  The Organization within your Institution that this Workflow Template will apply to.
  • Name:  A name for the Workflow. This should be an easily recognizable name; it will show up when you go to look at the list of all the Workflow Templates for all the Organizations in your Institution.
  • Path:  This is the storage path where uploaded/transcoded content will be stored. This can be a local path such as “e:\streaming” or it can be a UNC path such as \\streamingserver\streamingpath.
  • HTTP/RTMP Path:  This is the streaming path for the content that is uploaded/transcoded.
  • Sub Directory: This specifies the sub-directory that will be automatically created when your Organization Administrator(s) creates a new Library for Auto-Create Workflows, or for when they manually create a new Media Workflow for a Library using the Media Workflow control. In this sub-directory, you can use variables to automatically create the Library folder where content will be stored:
    • {{{Library}}} – The new sub-directory folder will be based on the Library name with all special characters removed (the default).
    • {{{Username}}} – The new sub-directory folder will use the username of the logged-in user.
    • {{{Firstname}}} and {{{Lastname}}} – You can use Lastname alone, or put these two together to create a folder name such as “TimSmith”.
  • User:  The username for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
  • Password:  The password for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
  • Domain:  The domain for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
  • Transcode To:  Encoding recipe for uploaded content (you can choose "None" if you don't want process the uploaded files through the Transcoder).
  • Maximum Size:  Maximum size for uploaded files.
  • Default:  If select, this workflow will be the default workflow selected when a user uploads a file in newly created Libraries
  • Auto-Create: if select, this workflow will be automatically instantiated in any new libraries created once this template is save.
  • Secure Streaming:  Deprecated, no longer used
  • Secure Token Key:  Deprecated, no longer used
  • Restricted Streaming:  Indicates the maximum number of simultaneous playbacks allowed for any media uploaded to this workflow template
  • Enabled:  if selected the Workflow Template is available for use by any users in the library. 


6. Click Save

Click Action -> Edit to return to the configuration window, or click Action -> Delete to remove it.


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