Workflow Templates


Workflow Templates specify how media is processed when streamed live, recorded, uploaded through the Ensemble Video web interface, scheduled through Ensemble Studio or ingested through an Ingest Directory. 

This is referred to as a Workflow Template because it specifies details such as media server root directory information, live streaming application, and other details necessary to create Media Workflows for the Libraries in your Organizations. There are four different Workflow Templates you can define for the Organizations in your Ensemble Video Institution.

  1. Upload Workflow – for when media content is uploaded and transcoded.
  2. Live Stream – for creating live streams where the user controls when streams are recorded.
  3. Live Capture – for creating live streams where all streams are automatically recorded.
  4. Ingest Workflow-file storage location that is checked for new files periodically by Ensemble Video.
  5. Ensemble Studio Workflow - Determines the process for Ensemble Studio recordings.
  6. System Workflow - exists at the Organizational level only and is utilized by other workflows for processing.

A Workflow Template specifies important details for how media is processed and streamed.  Each Workflow has a unique set of parameters and are discussed in detail in their corresponding pages (see links above).

Organization Administrators can also choose any Workflow Template you assign to their Organization when manually adding a new Workflow to an existing Library, so that appropriate details will be filled in automatically (so Organization Administrators won’t need to manually enter this information).


Accessing Organizational Workflow Templates

  1. Click on Administration -> Institutions -> Organizations
  2. Find your Organization in the list
  3. Click on Action -> Workflow Templates


  4. Click Add -> Choose the type of template you want to create



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