Ensemble Video 4.0 Version Summary


In Ensemble 4.0, we're introducing a new responsive layout, making the Ensemble Video interface streamlined on all of your devices. Read all about it in the news release below!

We're introducing a few new features as well, allowing you to more efficiently manage your content.

Bulk delete content

The Media Library now includes both a Bulk Delete and Bulk Upload option. Need to upload a large batch of content, or clear multiple items from your Media Library? Now you can! Follow the links for information on each of those features.

New grid layout option for browsing content

You can now choose to view content in your library in a side-by-side grid instead of a single column. It looks great, and you can browse more of your content on-screen at the same time.

grid layout

Display more than 10 results per page when browsing content

In the Library pictured below, there are over 500 videos. Browsing ten at a time just won't cut it. With the results selector, you can choose to show 10, 20, 50, or 100 results per page.

page length selector

Searchable Institution, Organization, and Library dropdowns

Navigating between your Institutions, Organizations, and Libraries just got easier. Each list now has a search box that will filter the list based on what you enter.

searchable library

Optionally copy annotations when copying content

When copying a video from one library to another, you can now choose to include the annotations for the video.

include annotations


News Release: Redesign Brings Responsive User InterfaceScreenshot of Tablet and Phone

Remember the world before smart phones and tablets? No, not the world when there was just an iPhone or just an iPad, but the world where there were not hundreds of mobile devices on the market manufactured by dozens of companies.  It was the world where there where good old fashioned computers and laptops dominated the personal computing marketplace. Obviously, today is a very different story. Mobile computing is here to stay as there are hundreds if not thousands of personal computing devices on the market. Whether those devices are using an Operating System (OS) from Apple, Google or Microsoft, vast mobile computing options for consumers are forcing vendors like Ensemble Video to completely redesign their user interface to support simple video management on all devices. In the age of streaming media, Ensemble Video has once again taken the lead. This is how your online video platform should look.

 Interface small

Part of the appeal of Ensemble Video has always been its no-frills, simple user interface, which made video management simple for large or small organizations. But Ensemble Video was originally designed as a lightweight interface built for personal computers. Today, Ensemble Video is rolling out its biggest design update in the company’s history: the responsive revamp provides one simple user interface that works seamlessly across all platforms. The new user interface automatically scales to the width of your device  – so all users now have a customized interface for their device of choice. I think you will agree, Ensemble Video has moved beyond your expectations!

Media Library Grid

The update adds a handsome new font face, minimalistic interface elements, and intuitive buttons to reflect Ensemble Video’s focus on simplicity. Additionally, the light color scheme helps accentuate important features and branding elements to make the user interface effective and efficient. Moreover, the Ensemble Video interface also now uses larger video thumbnails to represent media, enables a toggle between listing mode and grid mode for the Media Library, and has exposed features like Annotations, Captions, and Trim to reduce confusion for users. Finally, Ensemble Video Version 4.0 also includes a eagerly anticipated “Bulk Delete” feature.

“This is the most significant redesign that we’ve done since Version 1.0,” says Andy Covell, Ensemble Video’s CEO. “We’ve done bits and pieces along the way and launched dozens of new features, but this is the first user interface redesign we’ve done of the entire system since the beginning of this venture in 2007. We are excited to get this in the hands of our current and future customers.”

Mobile Phones hands

Version 4.0 can be summed up in two words: “perfect balance”. There have been some changes and some improvements, but not too much, not too little. Fans of the old interface will be pleased to see that the new interface, while slightly different, was clearly inspired by the previous layout. I think you will agree that the latest version of Ensemble Video feels like the best Ensemble Video ever!

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