Managing Preview & Thumbnail Images


Ensemble Version 4.4+ includes control for thumbnail generation beyond the default options. Users can now generate images based on a specific scene. A specific time can also be chosen for automated thumbnail capture, which is especially useful when content shares a common intro graphic.

Video Guide

Manually Generating Preview & Thumbnail Images

To manage the thumbnails for a video, click the Thumbnails tab in the Add/Edit Wizard. The Generate tab and the video player will load. Use the video player to find and select a desired image.


You can also use the backward and forward icons to move the timeline back or forward. When the desired frame is ready in the player, click the Generate button.

The image in the player will now be added to the available images below, and selected as the current preview and thumbnail image:


Alternative Preview or Thumb images can be selected using the radio buttons in the table, or more images can be generated as needed.

Thumbnails can be uploaded from this window as well. Choose the Upload tab, then select Browse to find an image or images on your device. Once added, the uploaded images can be used as preview and/or thumbnail images.


Adjusting Automatic Image Creation

Does your logo or a usable graphic always occur at a specific time? Administrators can designate a specific time where automatic images are created. This option can be set for each library. To start, select and edit a library from Administration > Organization > Libraries:


The entered time (HOURS:MINUTES:SECONDS) will be used when thumbnails are generated automatically for any new upload to this library.

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