Ensemble Video 4.3 Version Summary


Ensemble Studio

In Ensemble 4.3, we're introducing Ensemble Studio, a new feature for managing and scheduling video capture devices. In this version, we've built in support for the Matrox Monarch HD, an affordable, professional video streaming and recording appliance. With Studio, you can manage, schedule, record, and view content without ever leaving the Ensemble web interface. Read more about Ensemble Studio.

The Ingest Workflow

Version 4.3 also includes a new workflow: the Ingest workflow. Watch directories have been a standard feature in Ensemble Video since version 3.3, but the Ingest workflow gives you greater control of how watched locations are treated. Now, content added to a watched folder can be pulled into Ensemble through any Ensemble workflow. Want to transcode content in a folder you're watching? Administrators: want to bring content added to a watched folder directly into Ensemble's normal storage location? Now you can: Read more about the Ingest Workflow.

Additional Improvements

In addition to Ensemble Studio and the Ingest Workflow, Ensemble 4.3 includes several UI and management improvements.

The Media Library includes a media filter to show only content from specific sources.

media filter dropdown small

System and Institution Administrators can disable downloads for an entire institution.

Disable Downloads

Users can view their own playlists without creating a permalink.

view playlist

The License section has been expanded to provide additional information to administrators.


 We've also made improvements to our LMS integrations. More info coming soon.  

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