Ensemble Video 4.2 Version Summary


In Ensemble 4.2, we're introducing an affordable screen capture solution: Ensemble Anthem. With Anthem, users can enjoy a simple screen & webcam capture application that uploads seamlessly into the Ensemble Media Library. Contact us for Anthem licensing information.

anthem record

We're also introducing an array of improvements, including a rebuilt user management system. Now, administrators can view users from a birds-eye view. Users can be given access to resources individually or in groups. Resources can be libraries, organizations, institutions, or assets like live streaming and Ensemble Anthem. Read more in our new Users and User Permissions guides for 4.2.

Last but not least, we've added a video caption search to the video player. This new feature allows a viewer to view all captions at once, search through them, and advance the timeline to a specific point based on the captions.

caption search player.jpg

Additional Improvements

Media Workflow Updates

We've added a new workflow element called the "System" workflow. This contains basic path information for storing and accessing media. Now, instead of entering technical information that is often repeated (such as in a Live Streaming workflow), that information can be pulled directly from the System workflow.

system workflow example

In the past, creating new workflow templates often involved copy & pasting information from in-use workflow templates. Now, a template can be cloned for easier configuration of the new one.

CAS Authentication: We now support CAS authentication as an identity provider. Contact Ensemble Support for more information.

Preview / Thumbnail Image Improvements: The Ensemble interface now uses 16x9 preview and thumbnail images by default. In the Branding section, specifications have been added for the default thumbnail and preview images.

Embed Codes: In JW Player Settings, the default embed code can now be set to iFrame or iFrame responsive.

responsive embeds

Status Report: System administrators can view the status of critical Windows services on the Ensemble Video server.

server status

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