Self-Hosted Installation Checklist


This article is designed to help you prepare and execute a self-hosted Ensemble Video deployment, whether it is a production system or a pilot system.

STEP 1: Request Trial

To kick-start the process, request a self-hosted trial from your sales representative ( OR deliver your Purchase Order (PO) to your Ensemble sales representative (

STEP 2: Servers

Because this is a self-hosted installation, you will need to prepare servers or acquire servers. Please refer to the Server Recommendations for a Self-Hosted Deployment. This documents will guide you through the server recommendations for each technology in our Ensemble Video Platform. If you have technical questions, please email

STEP 3: Schedule Installation

Once you have fully prepared the servers for the self-hosted version of Ensemble Video, please email to schedule your installation. The installation will scheduled and executed by and Ensemble Video staff member. They will do the install remotely using web conferencing software.

STEP 4: Installation

On installation day, please block out up to two hours for the installation and designate a system administrator to support the Ensemble Video staff member during the install. The Ensemble staff member may need you to modify server settings, permissions, etc. Lastly, the Ensemble staff member will do a couple quick tests to make sure the system is working properly.

STEP 5: Schedule Training Sessions

After the installation, two training sessions will need to be scheduled:

  • System Administrator Training Session: This session focuses on system-wide settings and is designed for the Ensemble Video system administrator. The trainer will cover the different services that are running, managing the integrated servers (Wowza and Squeeze), along with Ensemble system-wide settings.
  • Train-the-Trainer Training Session: This session focuses on deploying Ensemble video to users and is designed for Ensemble Video Organization Administrator. The trainer will cover the core feature-set (uploading, publishing, sharing, etc) and will make sure the new customers (or pilot customer) are ready to deploy the system to end users.

STEP 6: Use Ensemble Video!

Once you have completed Steps 1-5, you are ready to use Ensemble Video. Please keep the following resources in mind as you begin to use Ensemble Video: 


Online Help:

Email Address:

Please refer to these key Support Categories from our Support Site: 


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