The Ensemble Video Organizational Framework


With Ensemble Video, it’s simple to upload, catalog, and publish your media. Each entry has a title, keywords (tags), a production date, and a variety of other searchable descriptors, allowing users to find and access their content quickly and easily. The system supports a wide range of media types, including video, audio, animations, images, and attachments (like Word documents and spreadsheets). This facilitates practical, powerful communication by allowing users to present related media together, in one place. For example, a PDF of a course study guide can be attached to a lecture video.

Ensemble was designed for de-centralized content management. Different groups and users can maintain independent media libraries, and also share content across those libraries, thanks to Ensemble’s flexible organizational framework. Within a single implementation of Ensemble Video, at least one Institution is utilized. Often, the Institution is the customer name. Each Institution has one or more Organizations. The Organizations have one or more Organization Administrators who manage the users, workflows, and any number of Media Libraries within the Organization. Each library has one or more Content Administrators, who create and manage entries within the library.

Ensemble Video can be used to manage any number of media libraries across an organization or consortium. However, you can only manage items in your own library, unless an Organization Administrator has given you permission to access content in another library. Another content administrator can also share content from their media library to yours.

A library contains content uploaded by its Content Administrators, as well as content shared by other users of the system (in a Shared Library). A Content Administrator may set up one or more Playlists for external constituents, and one or more Playlists for internal viewers (i.e., LMS, staff training portal, or a website where recorded lectures or meetings are viewed). A Playlist is a collection of media files, which users can categorize, customize, and embed using the Ensemble Video HTML Plugin.

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The Ensemble Video Organizational Framework 

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