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The Ensemble Video Plugin makes adding videos and video playlist to WordPress easy for anyone who want to use video in WordPress. The Ensemble Video Plugin simplifies life for everyone in your organization because all the media is stored and streamed from Ensemble Video, so file size restrictions and encoding issues are no longer an issue.

Video Guide


Ensemble Video Shortcodes

You can manually add one of the following shortcodes to a post or page in WordPress. Note: This is for advanced users. You will need an Ensemble Video contentid or playlistid.

Single Video Shortcode = [ensemblevideo]

Displays a single video from an Ensemble Video Media Library

Single Video Shortcode Examples:

[ensemblevideo contentid=ic2w-dvGpEu5T5dB4DBeFQ]

[ensemblevideo contentid=ic2w-dvGpEu5T5dB4DBeFQ width=1024 height=576 iframe=true
title=true autoplay=true hidecontrols=true showcaptions=true]

Single Video Shortcode Attributes

  • contentid=your content id (required)
  • width=your width here (640 is default)
  • height=your height here (360 is default)
  • iframe=true or false
  • title=true or false
  • autoplay=true or false
  • hidecontrols= true or false
  • showcaptions= true or false

Video Playlist Shortcode = [ensembleplaylist]

Displays a vertical listing of video from an Ensemble Video Playlist.

Video Playlist Shortcode Examples:

[ensembleplaylist destinationid=4M2akAsn2EGhYH9edW8YSA]

[ensembleplaylist destinationid=4M2akAsn2EGhYH9edW8YSA embedcode=false]

Video Playlist Shortcode Attributes

  • destinationid=your playlist id (required)
  • embedcode=true or false

Video Showcase Shortcode = [ensembleshowcase]

Displays a video showcase from an Ensemble Video web destination.

Video Showcase Shortcode Examples:

[ensembleshowcase destinationid=4M2akAsn2EGhYH9edW8YSA]

[ensembleshowcase destinationid=4M2akAsn2EGhYH9edW8YSA showcase=true
categorylist=true embedcode=false]

Video Playlist Shortcode Attributes

  • destinationid=your web destination id (required)
  • showcase= true or false
  • categorylist= true or false
  • embedcode= true or false
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