Using the WordPress Plugin


The Ensemble Video WordPress Plugin makes adding videos, playlist, Ensemble Video Dropboxes and video easy for anyone that wants to use Ensemble Video in WordPress. This article will show you how to Use the WordPress Plugin. Learn How to Setup the WordPress Plugin.

Add New Page or Post

You can use the Ensemble Video WordPress Plugin to a Page or Post. Click Add New Page/Post to begin.  


Add Ensemble Media

Click the Add Ensemble Media button to launch the Ensemble Video Chooser.



A user will need to login the first time the Ensemble Video Chooser is launched. 


Choose Ensemble Video Media

The Ensemble Video Chooser makes uploadingrecording, and adding videos, Ensemble Video dropboxes and Ensemble Video quizzes to WordPress easy. 


Add Content

Once you choose your video, playlist, dropbox or quiz click the Add Content button. Note: A user can click the Media Embed Options button to access specific embedding features and functionality.


Ensemble Video Content Added

The video, playlist, Ensemble Video dropbox or quiz is now added to the WordPress Page or Post. Click the Publish button to save your changes.


Ensemble Video Media Published

The Ensemble Video media is added to a WordPress Page or Post.


Learn How to Setup the WordPress Plugin.


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