Setup the WordPress Plugin


The Ensemble Video Plugin makes adding videos and video playlist to WordPress easy for anyone who wants to use video in WordPress. The Ensemble Video Plugin allows users to insert responsive videos and playlists into their WordPress sites. Also, the plugin allows for users to insert Ensemble Video Dropboxes and Quizzes into their WordPress sites. This article will show you how to Setup the WordPress Plugin. Learn How to Use the WordPress Plugin.

Download the WordPress Plugin

Download the Ensemble Video WordPress Plugin (Requires Version 5.3+)

How to Add the Ensemble Video Plugin

In your WordPress site, go to Plugins and click on Add New


In the Plugins page click on Upload Plugin


Browse for the downloaded (1) file and click (2) Install Now


 Next, Activate the Ensemble Video Responsive Plugin.


Go to Settings > Ensemble Video and add your (1) Ensemble Video URL to the text field (ex.  then (2) Save Changes. If you don't know your Ensemble Video URL, please review the What is my Login URL? article.


Setup is Complete.

Learn how to Use the WordPress Plugin

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