Using the Canvas Plugin


The Ensemble Video Chooser tool makes uploading, recording, and adding video to Canvas easy for educators who want to use video as part of their course. The Ensemble Video Chooser tool simplifies life for everyone on campus because all the media is stored and streamed from Ensemble Video, so file size restrictions and encoding issues are no longer an issue.

Legacy Editor

Launch the Ensemble Video Chooser from the page you wish to put a video or playlist on.


New Rich Content Editor

Use the(1) Collapsible menu icon to (2) Launch External Tools menu icon to Launch the External Tools. 


Launch Ensemble

Next, launch the Ensemble Video Chooser  and select the Ensemble Video item you wish to use. 


In the new window, select either the Choose Media or Choose Playlist tab. 

Choose Media

Find the video you would like to use, and press the green plus button under the thumbnail.

If you want to add a new video click Upload or, if you have a license for Ensemble Anthem webcam+screen recording software, you can click on the Record button. Once the new video is added, press the green plus button under the thumbnail.


Next, you will have two options:

  • Video Link: Thumbnail is clicked and opens in a new window,  and it can track individual viewers. Use this setup for quizzes.  
  • Video Player: Video is directly embedded into the page, does not track individual viewers

Pick which best suits your needs.


Video Link will post a Thumbnail image which, when clicked, will open in a new tab. You will be able to see the identity of student viewers.



Video Player will embed the video into the page and can be viewed just by clicking and loading it. This does not track student viewers.


Choose Playlist

Find the playlist you would like to use, and press the green plus Choose button.


Choose Playlist Embed Options (Optional) to modify the layout of the playlist. 


Select the preferred Layout and click Save.  


Click Save to finalize your selection. 


You Playlist is now embedded. 


Once everything is set up, just publish the page and it will be available to use.

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